Protecting your packed possessions is an important step when you are moving. This is true for all types of moves but is particularly critical when you are moving long distance. Families moving from Winnipeg, Manitoba or another city in Canada may decide to do their own packing rather than have this daunting task done by the moving company. If you are planning to pack some or all of your belongings it is essential for you to obtain proper packing boxes.

Most households end up needing a minimum of 50 boxes and for some homes a hundred or more cartons is not unusual. One thing to remember about packing boxes is “one size does not fit all”.

If you use the right size and right quality constructed packing box you can be confident that your possessions will make the trip to the new location free of damage.

Professional movers use a variety of packing cartons for specific types of items. This improves their packing efficiency, ensures that cartons can be properly stacked on the truck and ensures that the contents in the packing boxes do not get broken or otherwise damaged. One cardinal rule when packing for a move is that no carton should be too heavy to lift. Similarly packing boxes should not have too much excess space at the top that it causes cartons to collapse when they are stacked for the move. This is why professional packers use a lot of crushed packing paper to cushion contents and to fill excess space without adding excess weight to the box.

The main types of packing boxes and their intended type of contents are:

  • 2 cube – are used for smaller but heavy items like books, canned goods, hand tools, DVD’s, record albums, files etc.
  • 4 cube – this medium size box is ideal for folded clothing, small kitchen appliances like toasters, kettles, coffee makers, small electronics, small picture frames and miscellaneous small or mid size but relatively light items
  • 5 cube – a larger size box for bulky but not excessively heavy items like bedding pillows, pots and pans, sweaters, lamp shades
  • 6 cube – this extra large carton is best for bulky but light items like large duvets, comforters and other large but not heavy items
  • Picture/mirror – this packing box is available in two sizes and is a telescopic type of carton that adjusts to the size of contents
  • China Carton – an extra strong, triple walled packing box for China, crystal, collectibles and other fragile items
  • Wardrobe Carton – a heavy duty carton with a hanging rod for clothing, coats, draperies etc. Makes an ideal storage container for out of season clothing

Purchasing Packing Boxes

The best source for the type of cartons used by professional movers is your moving company. Companies like Premiere Van Lines can provide you with all of the packing boxes and other supplies. Our prices are reasonable since we purchase these boxes in bulk from the manufacturer/distributor and can pass some of these savings on to you.

Another source for these packing boxes is directly from a moving supply company. There are numerous companies throughout Canada who specialize in moving supplies. Go online to search out specific companies in your area.

In addition, big box stores like Home Depot, Lowe’s and similar outlets sell cartons for packing. If you are moving yourself and renting a truck you can also purchase packing cartons from U-Haul.

For local moves you can rent plastic bins from companies like Frogbox, but keep in mind they generally only come in one size. They do not carry specialty packing materials but these can be a useful option on small moves with limited packing requirements.

For more information about purchasing packing boxes and other moving supplies call our Premiere Van Lines Winnipeg Branch at 204-925-7795 or contact your local Premiere Van Lines office.