Whether you need to store your furniture and other possessions for a few weeks, several months or even a year you should take the time to find the right storage facility. Think about how much money you have spent furnishing your home, and how much these items mean to you. Most of us will want to make sure these possessions are stored safely, so that when you are ready to have them back they will be in pristine condition.

Avoid Vague Locations

When researching storage facilities, there should be no vagueness on where your items will be stored. You should know exactly where this facility is, and in which boxes or crates your personal items are in. If you are storing your possessions in the same city where you live, then be sure to visit the storage facility so you can see it for yourself. This is one reason why it makes the most sense to store your goods in a warehouse owned by the moving company you hire to move you. Even better, choose a company like Premiere Van Lines who has its own branches in cities across Canada. Each of their locations have proper warehouses. You can ask to see photos of their warehouses in a specific location if you wish or can do a skype inspection.

Maximum Protection

For maximum protection the ideal storage solution is a government inspected climate controlled storage warehouse facility. Highly professional moving companies like Premiere Van Lines have invested money in building or leasing climate controlled storage warehouses where your possessions will be properly protected until they are returned to you. Not only are Premiere’s warehouses climate controlled facilities, they are fully alarmed, fire protected and pest controlled with regular inspections from fire marshals and officials from the Federal Government.

Protection of your possessions begins with a detailed inventory of each item being moved and or stored. If some items are being delivered to a temporary address they will be inventoried separately from the items that are going to Premiere’s climate controlled storage facility. When the truck arrives at the warehouse, each item going into storage is checked off on a warehouse receipt and their condition will be noted.

When the storage area is climate controlled, this helps to protect your furniture even more. When a facility is too hot this can lead to excess humidity in the room your furniture is in, leaving to possible wood cracking, mildew and mold growth. If a facility is too cold, wood can dry out and crack and plastics get brittle and crack, leaving you with broken furniture. These problems are avoided in a climate controlled storage facility, where your possessions will be kept at a consistent room temperature.

As you can see, storing your valued possessions in a proper climate controlled facility will provide you with peace of mind while your goods are out of your sight! For more information about our climate controlled storage facilities, contact us today at Premiere Van Lines!