If you own a piano, the complexities of moving into a new home become all the more difficult. The weight of a piano alone is enough to concern even the most seasoned self-mover, not to mention the value and importance of aging and antique models. When you’re moving a piano, the best choice is to hire a team of professionals to care for this item for you. Even if you choose to move your belongings yourself, a piano is simply not a possession you can leave up to fate. Consider the following reasons why moving a piano should be left to the professionals.


The weight of a piano can vary from model to model, but as a rule there has never been a truly lightweight piano on the market. A small upright piano weighs between 300-400 pounds, a large upright piano is typically between 500-800, and a grand piano breaks the scale at up to 1200 pounds. This weight is not evenly distributed either, as the back of the piano will be heavier and more challenging to carry than the front where the keys are.

Moving Parts

A piano is not a solid object, and the moving and shaking parts can make it difficult to move. Keys will rattle, cords will shake, and at any time you may worry that the piano is breaking. This not only makes it difficult, but leads to issues of continually picking up and putting down the piano, potentially causing actual harm to the instrument.


A piano is no small item, and it’s easy to forget the challenge of getting the piano into the house in the first place. Should your home not have wide double doors, moving a piano through a doorway is not child’s play. You may have to utilize windows, porches, balconies or other areas of the home to get the piano out of the house, all while still delicately moving it without dropping it or injuring anyone.

Damage to the Home

In addition to worrying about the size of a piano, the size of your home is still a significant consideration that needs to be made. Damage to walls, floors, stairs and door frames are all likely circumstances when moving a piano on your own. Though you may be especially careful with the piano, many people forget to be just as careful with their home. This could end up costing you a significant amount of money, especially if the new home owners charge you for costly repairs when they move in.


The last consideration you should make when thinking whether or not you should move a piano on your own, is the value of the item. Pianos are one of the most expensive instruments on the planet, and their value only continues to rise. On the low end, an upright piano may only be a few thousand dollars, on the high end, pianos can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even a low end piano is an investment, and you don’t want to accidentally damage it in the process.

When you consider moving a piano, the job truly should be left to the professionals. With tens of years of experience, Premiere Van Lines is the ultimate choice when moving a piano. For more information and to get a free quote, contact us today!