Families moving out of Vancouver (or another Canadian city) might be tempted to do the move themselves as opposed to hiring a professional moving company like Premiere Van Lines. For most people this could prove to be an expensive mistake. 

One of the first issues people moving run into on a “DIY” move is the rental truck itself which has often proved to be unreliable. Reviews on truck rental companies often list poor mechanical conditions, brake issues, and breaking down before the customer could complete their move as their top complaints. 

Most people do not have experience driving a truck, and can find driving a larger vehicle more awkward than the average car, especially when manoeuvring it through traffic. The stress of driving a vehicle you are not experienced with can be multipled by the frustration that comes when the truck has mechical issues. Also remember unlike with a professional moving company where the moving truck with comes fully equipped with everything needed to complete the move but when you opt for a “DIY” move not only will you have to pay the rental fee for the truck but there will be a cost to rent dollies, moving pads, moving straps, appliance carts etc. And all of these extra fees add up quickly.

Now that we have discussed the costs involved with renting the truck and equipment needed to do your move, let’s move on to the human cost. When you hire a professional moving company, not only does it come with all of the mechanical equipment required but it comes with a skilled trained van operator and moving crew. When you do a “DIY” move, most people have to turn to friends or family members. Most of these individuals do not have moving experience they don’t always have the time to commit to the move. People are busy today. They have regular jobs and families including kids with lots of activities. It is difficult for them to give up a full day for your local move. And of course if you are moving to another city or province rarely are these people even available to assist at destination.

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