With winter behind you and the heat of summer yet to arrive, spring is the ideal time to move. It is also less hectic for moving companies than in the summer. This means more resources are available and the move prices are normally lower.

If you are planning a spring move, here are 4 tips for success:

1Move Only What You Want and Need

If you are like most people when you listed your home you moved items into the garage to be sorted later. Now that your home has sold, go through the items to determine which belongings you want to move. Remember, the less you move, the lower your moving bill.

2. Items You Do Not Plan to Move

There are four categories to consider for these items: sell, donate, recycle, or send to landfill. Depending on your possessions, you can post the items online, contact a second-hand furniture store or have a garage sale.

Items for donation can be taken to one of the many charitable organizations. Both Value Village and the Salvation Army accept a wide variety of household goods, clothing, books, and electronics.

If you have items past their life cycle, take them to your local waste facility. 

3. Who do You Contact for a Moving Quote?

Moving is hard work; consider hiring a professional moving company to do the job for you. A professional mover has the trained personnel and proper equipment to ensure your household possessions are moved safely.

When choosing a moving company do not let price be the only deciding factor. Remember, everything you own will be going on the moving truck so take the time to research movers in your area. Visit the Canadian Association of Movers website at www.mover.net to find the best-qualified movers in your area, and check the mover’s Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating to ensure they are registered, have a good rating, and have resolved any issues.

Check the mover’s address and stay away from companies that do not have a physical location. These types of companies are known as “rogue” movers who resell your move to third parties or take your money and run. A professional mover will have trucks, a warehouse, an office, and trained personnel.

4. How to Compare Moving Quotes

This is especially important if you are moving long-distance where the charges are based on the weight of your shipment. With a local move, the cost is shown as the number of hours and an hourly rate. To get precise quotes for comparison:

  • Have each company send a sales representative to your home to view what needs to be moved
  • Be suspicious of quotes that are much lower than other quotes in terms of weight, number of hours, or total charges – this could be a rogue mover
  • Insist on an itemized estimate detailing all charges, including taxes
  • Ask for a confirmation letter with all details, including scheduling and any special requirements that were agreed to

For more information or to get a free moving quote, contact Premiere Van Lines toll-free at 1-877-671-6683.