If you are thinking about moving to Alberta, consider moving to Edmonton. This city has so much to offer individuals and families, with many attractions and activities. The following are 6 great benefits of moving to Edmonton:

Edmonton is Alberta’s capital and the country’s youngest, fasted growing city. The city boasts the highest average income per household in Canada.

The school system, including public schools, colleges, and universities, is rated highly. In addition, Edmonton has an excellent transportation system for getting around the city.

With 321 days of sunshine a year, Edmonton is the place to be. The winters are cold and dry. If you love the outdoors, Edmonton has so much to offer. The city is known as Festival City because they hold year-round festivals. In addition, there are year-round parks, like the River Valley and Elk Island National Park, which has over 250 bird specimens and many mammals, including bison.

The West Edmonton Mall is the largest shopping mall in North America. It takes up 48 city blocks and boasts a huge indoor wave pool, skating rink and palace, indoor roller coaster, and hundreds of stores and boutiques.

Edmonton has a great food scene; many restaurants have become internationally renowned. The city’s nightlife has something for everyone including nightclubs, theatres, museums, and an observatory.

And if all of this isn’t enough, you can see the Aurora Borealis regularly living in Edmonton!

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