If you are moving long distance across Canada or to the USA and are using a professional moving company, the cost of your move will be based on the weight of your shipment and the distance between your new home and the old one.

Take a good look around your current home, go room by room. Will all the furniture fit in your new home? Measure pieces that you are unsure of to see if they will fit. If you were planning on buying new furniture or appliances, we recommend that you buy them at a store in your new area and have them delivered to your new home. This will save on moving costs.

Next, look at the basement of your new home. Measure to make sure your furniture will fit down the staircase.Do you have a big book collection? Books are heavy once they are packed in a carton. If you have 10 cartons of books that alone will weigh between 178 -226 kilos or 400 – 500 lbs.

Left over building materials usually end up in the garage. Is there leftover wood that you can sell or donate? Wood is heavy and bulky. Large ceramic, concrete or plaster plant urns are also very heavy so make sure they will fit at your new home before they are loaded on the moving truck. Other heavy items are pull-out sofas, large sectionals, large buffets and hutches, dressers, tools, hot tubs, pool tables and riding lawnmowers.

Consider having a garage sale for items you no longer need or donate them to a charity in your area. Some charities will pick up furniture but the items must be in good condition and clean. They will usually ask to see pictures of the items beforehand.

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