Families in Winnipeg (or another city) can be forgiven for being anxious and stressed when faced with an upcoming move.  Moving is by its very nature is stressful. There are so many details to be taken care of particularly if you are considering doing your own move. The easiest way to reduce this stress is to hire a professional moving company like Premiere Van Lines to help you with the pre-planning and then take care of the physical move for you.  This is particularly important if you have a fully furnished house and /or moving long distance.

Stress can be reduced significantly if a family starts to plan their move as soon as possible. Moving is not something to be left to the last minute. If you are moving during the busy summer season the last thing you would want to happen is to find that all the best movers are booked or if you are doing your own move that there are no rental trucks available.

It is human nature to be a bit overwhelmed when faced with a move. This is where the certified, experienced moving consultant who works for a professional moving company like Premiere Van Lines can do a lot to help. This veteran consultant will guide you through the entire process and provide you with tips and suggestions that will help you stay on budget and on schedule.

Your moving consultant will offer you advice on disposing of goods you no longer need or want to help you reduce the size of your shipment and thus save money. They can suggest where to donate; how to conduct a garage sale or where to recycle or dispose of things. The consultant will offer service options including packing, unpacking, auto transport, housecleaning, pet transportation, etc. to meet your individual needs.

An important element of using a professional moving company is having a customized loading and delivery schedule developed for the family that can be depended upon.  Your consultant will work with the moving company’s operation manager to reserve the truck and the driver and his crew for your move. The operations personnel will make sure the correct number and types of cartons are delivered before the move (if you are having the mover do some or all your packing). They will ensure that the truck that is dispatched is the correct size and is fully equipped with everything required to move your furniture safely.

Having a moving company handle all these things for you goes a long way to reducing your stress. That way you can concentrate on the personal items like changes of address; obtaining school, dental and doctor records. Instead of stressing about the physical move you can devote your time to helping your family adjust their upcoming change in location.

For more information on how to cope with moving stress, contact our Premiere Van Lines Winnipeg office at 1-888-456-2321 or your local Premiere Van Lines office at 1-877-671-6683.