Moving is tough on teenagers because they are already going through many emotional and physical changes. Be prepared that the news of a move may cause stress, tears, anxiety, and resistance to moving.

Usually, parents are busy with work and making all the arrangements for the move, which is stressful and exhausting. It is essential to put some time aside to talk with your teenager regularly. Share your feelings about the move, so they know it’s ok to be anxious or sad.

To reduce anxiety, keep to the same routines as much as possible, especially once you have moved into your new home. 

Ask your teenager to help with researching the new area and community online. They can look up activities offered in the area that they are interested in and libraries, parks, and recreational centres.

If possible, take your teen on one of the trips to your new community. Tour the new neighbourhood and show them their new school.

Changing schools is very difficult for teens, and their grades may slip. Anxiety and adapting to a new school, teachers, and curriculum can all take a toll. In addition, their social status at school will change too, which means starting all over again.

The hardest part for your teen will be saying goodbye to their friends. With technology, they do not have to say goodbye for good; encourage them to keep in touch with their old friends. Give them something to look forward to by setting up a visit in the future.

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