Just like at home, employees in Winnipeg (or elsewhere in Canada) get comfortable in their work environment. They may even get somewhat possessive about their office space whether it is a private office or a cubicle. At work everything is familiar, the people, the surroundings including their favourite lunch spot and even where they park. So when the time comes to move the office, it is important for owners/ managers take time to consider how the move will affect their employees. Preparing employees for the move is important. Some of the things that can be done to make the move a success is:

1. Inform Employees Well in Advance – no one likes sudden surprise so call a staff meeting well in advance of the move to inform employees that the office is moving especially if it is some distance from the existing office.

2. Involve Employees in the Planning Stage – your moving company will likely assign a moving planner so decide to have a small group of employees form a planning committee. They can work with the moving company on many logistical details and may have valuable input in how to set up the new office.

3. Use the Move to Declutter – just as with a household move this is the ideal time to dispose of out dated or unwanted files, books, magazines and other assorted clutter. Set up a clean out day for employees to cull through files and decide what should be kept and what can be discarded.

4. Sell the New Location to Employees – if the new office is some distance from the existing one determine what amenities exist at the new office and inform employees. Suggest ride sharing or explore the public transportation options if parking is at a premium. If it is paid parking, try to negotiate discounts for your employees.

5. Give Employees a Say in How the New Office is Configured – it is important that the employees like their new space so get them involved in how the new office is set up including furnishings and configuration of cubicles.

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