In an ideal world you would have at least eight weeks to get organized and packed up for your move. Unfortunately this isn’t always possible. Sometimes the perfect new home comes up for rent with a month notice, or that “over asking price” offer comes in with a tight deadline. Here are a few tips that will make the job easier.

1st rule of packing for moving… don’t pack things you no longer use or need!

Go Room by Room

With less than an ideal amount time you must be as organized as possible. The best way to do this is to work your way through the house on a room-by-room basis. This approach also feels a little less overwhelming.

Make Three Piles

As you go through each room divide your belongings into three categories keep, donate, and throw away. If you haven’t worn or used something within the last year or so, then give it away or get rid of it.

It is also a good idea to get items that won’t be going with you out of the house before you start packing for the move. That way there will be less of a temptation to change your mind and take things you really don’t need with you to the new house.

Donating Items

When it comes to donating, be fair to the charities by only donating items that are in useable condition. Don’t use them as a dumping place for worn out clothing or broken things. Find out which organizations in your community will accept donated clothing and household goods. Check for any restrictions before you drop off your items. Some charities will pick up items from your residence.

Disposing of Items

Clothing and household goods that are at the end of their life should be thrown out. You can take these items to your local waste disposal facility. There may be some items like electronics that need to be recycled. Check with your municipality for any special regulations. Since time is of the essence, it may make sense for you to use one of the many junk disposal companies who will take all of your unwanted items.

Get Packing Supplies

Try to get all of your packing supplies at one time so you won’t waste time running out for extra boxes in the midst of packing. Since you are in a time crunch it makes sense to just purchase what you need. A professional moving company will sell you the various sized cartons, packing paper, packing tape and other materials at a reasonable cost. Otherwise you can purchase these items at a moving supply company or one of the big box stores like Home Depot.

Plastic Bins

In addition to regular cardboard cartons, consider purchasing a supply of clear plastic tubs. These are very useful especially for items that you know are not for everyday use and as such will be stored in your new home. They are also great for things like shoes, handbags, children’s toys, linens and other non-fragile items.

Renting Bins

If you are moving within the same city, you may want to consider renting bins instead of using cartons for packing. The bin rental companies will deliver the bins to you and then pick them up from the new home after you get moved in. Most companies will charge extra if you don’t have the bins returned by the assigned date so remember to unpack them first.

China Cartons

Packing your china, crystal and collectibles is usually the most time consuming task when packing for a move since these fragile items need the most care and protection. Even if you are packing the rest of your household you may want to have your mover pack these breakable items.

Leave Items in Dresser Drawers

You can leave non-breakable items like clothing in dresser drawers rather than packing these items. Just make sure that the dresser is wrapped and taped or banded in a moving pad/blanket before the furniture piece is moved.

Label and Colour Code Packed Boxes

Note the contents of each packed box on the side of the carton. Also be sure to identify which room the contents are from so they can be placed in the correct room in the new home. Using coloured tape or markers to identify room placement is a good idea.

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