Preparing Your Belongings for Storage

On the move families in Halifax, Nova Scotia (or other cities) may find themselves in need of a place to store some or all of their furniture and other belongings for a few days, weeks, months or maybe even years.

There can be a number of reasons for this requirement for moving storage. Some of them are:

  • You haven’t found a new home
  • Closing date on new home doesn’t coincide with date that furniture arrives at destination
  • You are having a new house built and will be living in temporary accommodations for a period of time
  • You have down-sized and do not have room for all of your belongings

Regardless of why you need to store some or all of your possessions, Premiere Van Lines has clean, modern, secure, government approved warehouses all across Canada. Our state of the art facilities will ensure that your valued belongings are carefully stored so that they remain in pristine condition. All of our storage warehouses are protected with alarm systems and are pest controlled. We have full time warehouse personnel who carefully wrap your possessions in storage pads before being placed in clean wooden storage vaults. Upholstered furniture is shrink wrapped and stored on special racks and area rugs are rolled and wrapped. All mattresses and foundations are encased in manufacture grade mattress bags to ensure they remain sanitary.

Depending on how long you anticipate your goods to remain in storage, here are some tips that will help you prepare your belongings for storage:

  • If you are doing some or all of your own packing, make sure you carefully mark the contents of each carton either in marker or affix a printed sheet securely to the front of the carton.
  • If you know or think your belongings may be in storage for more than a season, make sure you pack the next season’s items together. For example, if you are moving in the late spring or early summer and know that you won’t be taking delivery until the fall or winter put winter coats, boots etc. together. You may need to access your storage unit to retrieve these items.
  • It may be a good idea to number these cartons or have your mover inventory them together so that the warehouse knows to put all of these cartons together in a storage vault to make it easier to retrieve them when necessary.
  • Be very careful not to pack any inadmissible items in any of your cartons. Your Premiere moving consultant can provide you with a list of this type of goods.
  • Do not pack perishable food in your shipment.
  • Do not pack jewellery, cash, documents like insurance certificates, stock certificates etc.
  • If you are moving into temporary accommodations, have your Premiere mover prepare two separate set of inventories for the items going into storage and those that are being delivered to your temporary home.
  • If you have any extremely valuable items (i.e. antiques, original paintings etc.)have appraisals done before the move and have photos.
  • Be sure to discuss insurance coverage with your Premiere Van Lines’ moving consultant and/or your homeowner’s insurance broker to make sure you have proper coverage while your possessions are in storage.

The most important thing to consider when putting your belongings into storage as part of a move is choosing a reputable company like Premiere Van Lines who have the proper facilities to keep your possessions safe. Having the same company move you and then store your belongings is the best way to achieve this objective.

For more information about moving storage options call our Premiere Van Lines Halifax Branch at 902-468-4313 or contact your local Premiere Van Lines office.

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Great bunch of guys! Move was perfect. They were quick,helpful and courteous. We appreciated their advice and teaching me how to pack a box properly.

Ann from Calgary

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