Purge your home

As local moves are based on an hourly rate, moving things you don’t want, need, or that are no longer in useable condition makes no sense. Go through your home and make a list: items to keep, things to sell or donate, and items to discard.

If you plan to sell items pick a date for a garage sale, or place ads on Kijiji, Craigslist, and social media. If you are donating items, pack them carefully and take them to a local donation centre. Some charities will pick up furniture items, see our list of charities blog.

 Items for disposal should be taken to a local waste centre or, you can contact a junk removal service.

Start packing early

Don’t add to your moving stress by leaving your packing to the last minute. Start 6-8 weeks in advance. Get your packing supplies and start with out-of-season items. Packing in stages over several weeks will make the job less stressful and tiring. Having properly packed cartons will also help the move go quicker. Dispose of flammables and other hazardous goods that cannot go in the moving van; your mover can provide you with a list of non-admissible items.

Do your own packing

Your moving company can provide you with professional packing tips and can sell you packing materials at a reasonable cost. This will ensure that your possessions are properly prepared for transport, so they arrive damage free at your new home.

When to schedule your move

The hourly rate for local moves is usually less mid-month as opposed to the last few days of the month. If possible, avoid the summer months when the hourly rates go up.

For more moving tips or, to arrange a no-obligation local moving quote, contact Premiere Van Lines toll-free at 1-877-671-6683.