Moving in Canada during winter can be challenging, with snow, ice storms, and strong winds. Here are the dos and don’ts for a winter move:

Hiring a Mover

Hire a professional mover. Professional moving companies have the equipment to protect your home and furniture in the winter and, most importantly, move them safely from your home to the truck and into your new home.

Bad Weather

Once you know your moving date, let your mover know, and they can schedule your move-out day and your move-in date. The mover will call 1-2 days in advance to let you know when the crew will arrive. Consider rescheduling your move if the forecast calls for a bad storm.

Be prepared if the moving day brings terrible weather. Your mover may arrive late due to the bad road conditions.

Driveway and Walkways

Shovel and put salt and sand on the driveway, walkway, and porch so the moving crew does not slip or fall. Remember, they carry heavy furniture and boxes, and trying to look down simultaneously to avoid ice can be hazardous. Do the same for your move-in day at your new home.

Carpet and Floors

Professional movers will bring non-slip floor runners to protect your flooring from snow or dirt being tracked in from outside. And, at the end of the move, the crew will roll them up and take them away.

Protecting Your Furniture

The moving crew wraps each piece of furniture in quilted moving blankets. Upholstered items are shrink-wrapped for extra protection from the elements. 

Children and Pets

Moving day will be hectic and cold as the front door must be open. Ask a neighbour or friend to look after your children and pets on move day. The movers will carry heavy furniture and boxes; having children and pets underfoot can be dangerous. In addition, pets will be stressed with all the commotion and may run out the open door during the move.

Finally, having coffee or hot chocolate for the moving crew is always appreciated to help them warm up during the move. For more information on the dos and don’ts for a winter move and to get a no-obligation move quote, contact Premiere Van Lines toll-free at 1-877-671-6683.